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Admission Process

If you wish to apply for a place for your child at St Bernadette's Bees Preschool, the process is very straightforward. 

We want you to be fully happy when you place your child in our care and as such our admissions procedure gives you numerous opportunities to visit and ask questions before making your decision.

Fill in the contact form to arrange a visit. Come and see us in action, ask questions and get a feel for the preschool. This is the best way to see how we work with the children.

Step One

Step Two

If you decide you would like your child to start with us, please complete the application form, if you haven't already received it. 

Step Three

Upon receipt of your application, you will receive an acknowledgement from the management team.

Step Four

Your child will be invited to a play and stay where they join us for a half a session whilst you observe and make sure you're comfortable with the way they settle in.

Step Five

A couple of weeks before your child is due to start, you will receive a confirmation email with the sessions that your child has been allocated.

Step Six

Your child becomes one of our little Bees! 

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