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Financial FAQs

What are your charges?

We charge £7.15 per hour for all children who are not funded by the government. Munch club is £6.00 per day and is paid in addition to this.

When are fees due?

Invoices are to be paid on the 1st of every month. They will be sent to you via email.

Do you charge a registration fee?

We charge a £40 registration fee.

What is Munch Club?

Munch club is 11.30 - 12.00. It is charged at £6 daily to those who are attending an all-day session. If you require an all-day session and do not want to pay the charge, you have a free option, which involves collecting your child at 11.30 and dropping them back with us at 12.00 or swapping to morning or afternoon sessions, subject to availability.

Can you explain how the Early years funded hour entitlement works?

The free entitlement is for 38 weeks a year. For 2, 3 and 4 year olds claiming 15 hours a week, this is 570 hours per year. For 3 and 4 year olds claiming 30 hours per week, this is 1140 hours per year. You will invoiced for anything over your free entitlement on a monthly basis. You will need to sign a parent declaration form to confirm your entitlement to funded hours. You can check your funded entitlement through the government website as follows-

Childcare Choices | 30 Hours Free Childcare, Tax-Free Childcare and More | Help with Costs | GOV.UK

Do you accept childcare vouchers?

Yes- No refunds can be issued.

What notice is required that my child can no longer attend?

A minimum of half a term's notice in writing is required.

Can you go into further detail regarding the weekly/termly costs?

You will get a detailed invoice broken down monthly and reflects the number of hours outside of funding you are taking. The date the fees are due and the bank details for online payments.

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